The wait goes on.  We, like our fellow venue operators around the UK, are desperate to re-open.  We most certainly would do so, if it were allowed. 

The government's 1.57Bn package to help out the performing arts, is, of course, very welcome news.  As comedy promoters, however, our collective fear is that none of this will be available to stand-up comedy venues.  (For whatever reason, stand-up has never been given the same kudos as, say, theatre and opera, despite, we would wager, entertaining millions more people every year).  Of course, as soon as details emerge on the application process, we will apply. Even with minimal costs, it hurts us not to be open - those who work for Riproar have no income as a result.

One thing very much in Riproar's favour is that, these days, we operate from someone else's venue.  It is they, therefore, that have to bear the rent, business rates, and all other costs associated with venue ownership.  Our Bristol home at Pryzm is owned by The Deltic Group, (who we believe are), the UK's biggest operator of nightclubs.  If they can survive this, then so will we.  Meanwhile, we sit here in frustration, waiting for news of when the government will allow our sector to re-open.  We guess, only when the 1m social-distancing law is removed.  (Can you imagine trying to enforce social-distancing at a nightclub?!)  For comedy shows to work, we need people to be able to sit cheek-to-jowl with strangers.  Laughter, it would appear, is even more infectious than Covid-19. 


If you have tickets booked for any of our cancelled shows, we will honour them for a future date when we are allowed to resume performances.  Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds.  We keep meticulous records of our bookings, so as soon as we resume, please just email us with your reference number and your chosen new date.  We will get another confirmation out to you very quickly.

Stay well, stay safe, and we will see you as soon as we are able. 

Our best regards, Riproar Management. 

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