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Luvdev Barpaga
Book Stand Up & Boogie
Sat 25th September 2021
Book Stand Up & Boogie
Sat 6th November 2021

Luvdev Barpaga


“Lovdev Barpaga is the new kid on the block. He comes with a rising reputation and this might be a chance to see him before he gets too hot.” – WATERMANS THEATRE LONDON (27 September 2010)

“One-Liner comedian Lovdev Barpaga was next whose mixture of jokes had the crowd in hysterics. Lovdev's deadpan delivery mixed with his clever punchlines and obscure twists makes his act as a one-liner unique to others doing similar things”, Giggle box heartily recommends him to all promoters. (15 July 2011)

"The audience were crying with laughter from the moment he opened his mouth. He isn't afraid to try new jokes and on the occasions they go wrong the audience laugh even harder because Lovdev Barpaga has a very natural way of making people laugh, by the end of his set you feel like you've made a new best mate, the sort of mate you go to when you need cheering up." We'll be booking him again and again! - The Comedy Lodge (May 2012)

“Loved it all.. You were FUNNY, and FIT X “@JoFreeRadio (Rough Works Glee Club - 10th June 2012)

“Lovdev is crafting a tight set of clever one liners, His personality lifts a room great to work with and we had great feedback” (Cohesion 31st August 2012)

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