It's all about you!


If you'd like us to put up a message and pictures on our big flat screens behind the bar, (or, at our Shaftesbury Park venue, where we will project onto a large white screen) prior to the show and during the intervals, all you need to do is email us at:

Attach your pictures (up to four), and tell us what you want to say. We will do the rest. (See examples from previous shows, to the right).

The better quality the picture, the better it will look on the slide, but if you have a picture you absolutely love, that isn't the greatest quality, we'll do our best to work our magic with it - we've got a couple of tricks up our sleeve. ;-)

Please don't put your own text over your picture.  We want your picture(s) to look great on our slides, so we put your message in large text on the side.

Please note:

1) We can't show anything rude or nude.

2) We can't say anything that might offend.

3) We will not advertise goods or services for sale.

4) We will not promote political or charitable causes.

We have to be the judge on this - we'll always do our best to show anything you send.  If there are any issues, we'll try to discuss with you prior to your night out.

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