Are you the poor soul that has been tasked with organising a Christmas outing for a big group?


If so, we might have the perfect solution.


We used to run Xmas events to include a roast dinner or fancy buffet.  For this, we would need to charge high ticket prices to make it commercially viable.


These days we have realised that most people are sick of roast dinners during December.  We also understand that companies (generally) no longer provide big budgets for this type of event. 


So, we have dispensed with all of that.  Nowadays for just £23 per head, we only do our regular shows.  If your party wishes to have a meal, itís no problem Ė we offer a burger and fries, or nachos and all the trimmings (for vegetarians) which are delivered to our customers prior to the show.  Itís hardly haute-cuisine or even a Xmas roast dinner, but after 26 years of offering an Xmas roast, we have realised that it makes no difference. 


So, for just £23 per head, your team gets a comedy show, a meal AND free entry to Pryzm after the show with their three dance rooms and open till 4 am.


If you donít want a meal, then the ticket price is just £13.


I hope youíll agree that this represents excellent value for money.  A meal, a comedy show and Pryzm till 4 am for just £23.


If you do, only three dates are available Ė 4, 11 and 18 December.  You can book them from the landing page of this website.


(Note Ė at the time of writing, we are populating our diary for 2021 with comedian bookings.  So, if you cannot see the show listed that you want to book, just check back in a few days).


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